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Child-Friendly Library Cards Promote Summer Reading

The public library is a community institution utilized and appreciated by patrons of all ages. Many of us have memories of growing up and going to the local library in search of books for leisure reading, school projects, and participating in fun, educational library programs.

The Dangers of DIY

Some people enjoy the satisfaction that a do-it-yourself project can bring; paint a room or revamp an old chair. You can always repaint the room if you don’t like the color, and you can reupholster a seat cushion if the fabric doesn’t hold up. One DIY project that can potentially set you back with a negative outcome is creating your marketing materials. Yes, in this age of DIY graphic websites with pretty, “professional” templates, DIY-ing your most important materials can create a negative impact on your image, sales, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Climb to the Top with Direct Marketing

In recent years, climbing gyms enjoyed continued growth nationwide. While the pandemic caused some gym closures, others opened or expanded in 2020 and 2021, notes Climbing Business Journal’s Gyms and Trends 2020 report. Now that people have resumed leisure and fitness activities, it’s time to reassess your facility’s direct marketing efforts. This includes utilizing direct mail, member referral cards, and day/hour passes to grow membership and enhance your presence in your community.

Shape Up Sales as You Head into the New Year

Now is the time for health clubs and rock climbing gyms to prepare for the year ahead. More and more people are heading back to fitness facilities to shape up after countless months of pandemic related issues and delays. They want to lose that extra weight, tone up, and feel better, so their New Year’s resolutions for 2022 are the key to your sales and success. With more individuals looking to be proactive about fitness, gift cards will be popular this holiday season to give to and receive by anyone with health and fitness goals for the coming year. Gift cards are also a recommendation and a sign of loyalty to your business when your current members choose to gift memberships to their friends and family.

A Superior, Simplified Solution for In-house Membership Kit Fulfillment

Membership-based organizations know that timely mailing of new member and renewal materials is critical to their success. To accomplish this, they either outsource the task and related materials or do it in-house, printing on-demand. Those organizations fulfilling membership kits internally are well aware of the challenges. First, there’s the need to prep a professional looking kit to pop into the mail as soon as possible and second, they face a process that can grow more time-consuming and less cost-effective as staffers wrangle with printer jams and wasted materials.

Plastic Postcards Yield Higher Returns

Despite a booming digital marketing space, direct mail is far from dead! Simply stroll over to your mailbox to confirm it’s alive and well, promoting an array of businesses, products, and services. A recent Forbes article notes, “Direct mail marketing continues to deliver a personal and tangible alternative for customers suffering from screen overload, which will be more important than ever as the country slowly returns to normal. It allows small businesses to reach customers in their community at home, where they spend their time, providing a physical touchpoint of their message.”

What’s in the Cards this Fall?
September is Library Card Sign-up Month

The American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country will be celebrating Library Card Sign-Up Month this September. The month-long spotlight promotes the power of a library card which, in addition to a world of books, enables patrons to access technology, media resources, and an array of fun and educational programs. A library card provides a gateway for people of all ages to discover, explore, or pursue their interests, passions, and dreams. And, it’s free!

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