BSA Palmetto Council

The PermaCard team has been a blessing to work with for our BSA Camp Card Program. They have great pricing, a quick turn-around process, a very responsive and supportive team, and most importantly they understand the Scouting program and the needs of the fundraiser. They have gone above and beyond to help provide us with additional resources by connecting us with other councils and partners. We are grateful for our relationship with PermaCard!


San Mateo Public Library

We have been a PermaCard customer for many years now. We love the quality and professional look of our cards. They always provide top-notch customer service and make sure our designs come out perfect every time.


The Jane Stern Community Library System

PermaCard was amazing with us. Shout out to the team for aiding us in this new stage: presenting the new JSDCL membership card. The colors came out amazing! We absolutely love it.


Temple Terrace Public Library

We at the Temple Terrance Public Library appreciate PermaCard’s continuous excellent service.


Seaplane Pilots Association

Our previous vendor was unable to continue printing our membership cards and left us to find a new company to work with. We found PermaCard and they made it incredibly easy to design our new cards and replicate what we previously had to best fit our needs. When we got our finished product everyone in our office was blown away at the quality and how good they came out! Thank you for saving us, PermaCard!


The Blood Connection

I love working with PermaCard! They are dedicated to truly helping the customer and are willing to try new and different things to find the right solution. I have worked hand in hand with this company for the past 4.5 years but my organization has done the same for the past 10+ years. This is a genuine business partnership that gets better with every year and every project that we work on together. Because of their dedication to customer service and satisfaction, PermaCard feels like an extension of our organization and a partner that we can lean on for advice and support at any time.