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Membership Card Fulfillment

Membership Card Solutions

Many member organizations utilize pre-printed letterhead with durable affixed cards. As members join or renew, these pieces are personalized with member information using an in-house laser printer, and at times, are combined with inserts before being mailed to the member.

The quality of on-demand membership cards has deteriorated over the years because of cost-cutting measures, ultimately leaving members with a low-quality card lacking a look and feel of importance. Many cards are too flimsy or do not detach properly when removed from the personalized letter.

At PermaCard®, we recognize how this negatively affects the image of membership organizations and offer an exceptional alternative – the superior LaserWell® Laser-Printable ID Card Document. When it debuted over 20 years ago, it originally became the main product offering of this type from Xerox®. Product development over many years ensures smooth processing on most laser printers.

LaserWell Features include…

  • • Vibrant offset-quality ink colors printed on paper stocks of the highest quality available.
  • • A real plastic card – not laminated paper – available in 8 mil and other thicknesses, with the option of printing on both sides of the card.
  • • A specially designed debossed well in which the card is placed to enable a smoother process; less likely to result in laser printer jams as can occur with inferior products.
  • • When the card is removed, the affixing adhesive remains on the paper letter – leaving no unsightly glue for the member to remove.
  • • Cards can be personalized on the back, allowing membership benefits to be customized to the level of membership.
  • • Available blank or pre-printed in 4 card formats. More formats will be available soon.

PermaCard Mailers

Looking for a thicker card? Or a key tag, bag tag or bookmark? Or any combination of these and other options you can think of…all built into one neat welcoming mailer made of 30 mil plastic. If this is the case, our PermaCard mailers are the perfect solution. All printing, including the personalization, is protected by film laminate, and is designed to be inserted into a window envelope and mailed.

Our stand-alone PermaCard products such as keytags and bagtags are the perfect compliment to LaserWell products. Ask us how to take your membership kit to the next level.

A Turnkey Provider

We offer turnkey service including design, print, fulfillment of additional collateral if requested and mailing. If you prefer to do the fulfillment and/or mailing, we will produce, personalize and ship the mailer to you or your mail house.

Send us a sample of your membership kit and we’ll provide suggestions and pricing alternatives. Discover how PermaCard’s solutions can enhance your image and the way your members value and utilize their memberships.

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