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Membership Kit Distribution Made Easy!

Do you want membership in your organization to really mean something? Let us produce and mail your membership kits to your members as they join or renew. Send members a package with real benefits including a member ID that they’ll regularly see and use.   

Many membership organizations purchase pre-printed letterhead with thin cards affixed. As members join, these pieces are personalized in a laser printer, then combined with other collateral to make a membership package, which is then mailed to the member. The cards are intended to be detached from the letter and used by the member. The problem is, the cards either go in a wallet, never to be seen again, or are discarded altogether. What’s more, cards glued onto letterhead tend to curl up and tear when removed, which can affect the perceived membership value.

Industry Associations Industry Associations
The Right Way

Instead of a thin card, you get a thick card. Or a key tag. Or a bookmark. Or a bag tag. Or any combination of these and other options you can think of…all built into one neat welcoming mailer made of 30 mil plastic. All printing, including the personalization, is protected by film laminate, and is designed to be inserted into a window envelope and mailed.

Window Envelope Association Mailer
A Turnkey Provider

We offer turnkey service including design, print, fulfillment of additional collateral if requested and mailing. If you prefer to do the fulfillment and/or mailing, we will produce, personalize and ship the mailer to you or your mail house.

Send us a sample of your membership kit. We’ll give you some suggestions and provide pricing alternatives. The Permacard solution can really impact your image and the way your members use their membership.

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